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What You Should Know About the Benefits of Fat Transfer

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Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. Like most Americans you likely had a fun day with family, watched some football, and ate too much at your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t worry about it because it’s an annual tradition.

Many men and women use the Thanksgiving holiday to begin thinking about their New Year’s resolution. The #1 New Year’s resolution for Americans in 2014 was to lose weight. That’s not surprising since we’re always trying to drop some pounds, get in better physical shape and become more fit. Gym memberships, exercise equipment and expensive weight loss programs are just a few of the many ways Americans will spend money this holiday season in hopes of losing weight and looking better.

You can do those things, but you should know about a much smarter way to go. There are many benefits to having a Fat Transfer from Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan — just outside of Detroit. In fact, Dr. Gray’s Fat Transfer is one of the best kept secrets to looking better this holiday season — without the stress of fad diet plans or going to the gym every day.

Gray What You Should Know About the Benefits of Fat Transfer



Have You Considered a Brow Lift by Dr. Gray?

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Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa has earned a reputation as the go-to cosmetic plastic surgeon in Michigan for face lifts. But did you know that while face lifts are one of the most popular options for women, a very important (although less popular) procedure is the Brow Lift.

For those who are interested in looking younger — and let’s face it, who isn’t? — a brow lift can achieve dramatic improvement. Are expressions don’t only convey our mood, they also give people a good idea of how old we are… and how well we are aging. If you want to know whether someone is feeling happy or sad, just look at the top third of their face. We might be able to force a smile with our mouths, but our eyes will always be the obvious sign of how we really feel. That’s why poker players often wear sunglasses. If their opponents can see their eyes and brows, they will see “the tell” — the way that player is feeling about his hand.

Brow Lift Dr. Gray 460x209 Have You Considered a Brow Lift?



Filling Out That Fall Sweater and Looking Sexy

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Boob jobs are for the summer. That’s one of the most common myths that Dr. Michael W. Gray hears at his Michigan based cosmetic surgery center. “Most women think about wearing their bikinis at the beach in July and want to impress their boyfriend, husbands and friends with beautiful breasts,” Dr. Gray explains. “However, it’s not only those sexy bikinis that really show off your breasts. A fall sweater or tight fitting Lycra shirt on the ski slopes will also show off your chest.”


While the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center is certainly a crowded place during the warm summer months in Metro Detroit, it’s even busier in the fall. With Thanksgiving celebrations, high school reunions and holiday parties coming up, women want to impress… and feel great about their look. A breast lift or abreast enlargement from Michigan’s Premier Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Gray is the obvious choice to give yourself a bustier, more voluptuous look. Recovery time is much less than what most patients think making the fall the ideal time for this procedure.

spl523804 013 733x1024 Filling Out That Fall Sweater and Looking Sexy

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Options for Men

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It’s often female celebrities that are discussed when it comes to cosmetic surgery. When a male celeb in Hollywood looks younger or trimmer, the headlines usually read something about a new fitness trainer or that the guy’s getting in shape for a new role. When a beautiful female movie star’s physical appearance looks better, everyone shouts that she had work done by a plastic surgeon.

Well, the truth is that there is a double standard here. Many times, it is men also who are electing to have cosmetic surgery procedures performed to improve their look — to remove wrinkles, firm up their belly, or get their chin looking better. While the celeb magazines and Hollywood TV shows might not give you the inside scoop when it comes to men’s cosmetic surgery decisions, it isn’t because these Hollywood men aren’t electing to have them. The benefits of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement are becoming more and more enticing to men.

Dr Michael Gray Plastic Surgery 334x209 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Options for Men



Dr. Gray’s Thigh Tuck

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Since the weather forecast is calling for snow flurries this evening while the kids are out Trick-or-Treating for Halloween, it’s pretty clear that summer is over. And summer’s ending leads many women to think that they don’t have to worry about how their legs look for the next six months. Not true. Maybe you won’t be wearing fun bathing suits and short shorts around town, but you’ll probably still be showing some skin in your Yoga classes and around the gym. That means you’ll want to have toned legs that look great.

For many women who have loose or saggy skin on their legs or thighs, they feel extremely self-conscious. Not only that, but it can also affect one’s lifestyle. Women with saggy skin on their thighs often have difficulty jogging and playing sports, in addition to working out at the fitness center. Many women find themselves wearing long pants and long skirts even when it’s warm enough outside for shorts. Perhaps, you’re even restricting your social activities and avoiding situations where you would rather wear shorts or a swimsuit. If your thighs are no longer as attractive as they once were, it’s likely that aging, hormonal changes or excess skin is to blame for this.

Thigh Tuck Dr. Grays Thigh Tuck



Introducing Halo: The Celebrity Secret to Great Healthy Skin with No Down Time

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Skin Deep Spa and Dr. Michael Gray are pleased to offer the new Halo Laser and BBL Forever Young Facials. What is Halo? Halo is the newest hybrid fractional laser that releases your inner glow. “This is considered ‘non-ablative,’ which means that the top layer of skin is left alone,” explained Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. “For this reason, there is no pain with Halo even though it goes deep to correct wrinkles in the skin and any swelling under the eyes.”

We are highly recommending Halo to our clients at Skin Deep Spa as a post-summer treatment with no down time. Halo targets sun damage and reverses the effects that the sun has on the skin. After a summer of being outside in the sun – whether sitting by the pool, catching some rays at the beach or just hanging out and getting some Vitamin D – your skin becomes damaged from the sun (even if it feels good).

halo before and afters 4 final Introducing Halo: The Celebrity Secret to Great Healthy Skin with No Down Time


Dr. Gray’s 1-Hour Facelift Takes 15 Minutes

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Everyone wants to look beautiful and no one wants the aging process to get in their way. When you look in the mirror and notice those pesky signs of aging, you might initially feel helpless. You might feel like there is nothing you can do, but take those changes in your face as a natural sign of aging. That’s not true.

There is something you can do and it doesn’t require as much time as you might think. Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan (outside of Detroit) offers a facelift procedure that truly combats the signs of aging on your face. However, not everyone has the time in their schedule right now for this procedure. That is why Dr. Gray offers what he calls “The One Hour Facelift,” which actually only takes about 15 minutes. It might be the perfect option for you right now.

one hour facelift by Dr. Gray

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Put Perfect Lipo on Your Pre-Vacation To-Do List

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It’s October and you’ve probably noticed by now that summer is over. Sorry to have to talk about such a sad topic, but it’s true that those sunny days of July and August have turned into cold and dark nights. Yes, there are the fun parts of the fall weather like pickup football games, cider and donuts, and playing in the leaves. But, the days are getting shorter and it’s time to take your sweaters and winter jackets out of storage.


The colder weather also means that many are going to start booking vacations to warm destinations. No matter where you plan to spend a little R&R time this winter – from Florida to California to Arizona to the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic – you’re going to want to look amazingly hot in that bikini. And if your destination of choice has atopless beach, you’re definitely going to want to get that perfect body before you board the plane. You’ll feel like an absolute Hollywood celebrity with your beautiful body.


Boob Job for Dancing at Weddings and Zumba Class

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What are the perfect size boobs? The answer as most women discover pretty early on in their lives is that the perfect size breasts are whatever the perfect size is for YOU!

Dr. Michael W. Gray, the world renown cosmetic plastic surgeon at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, helps his patients figure out the right size breasts during their risk free consultation with him. “Women can choose anything they want as these breast augmentation procedures are elective,” Dr. Gray explains. “As long as they follow the rules and limitations.” Dr. Gray presents those rules and limitations during the initial consultation with the patient.

It’s a very personal decision for women to choose their new breast size and this can mean going bigger or smaller. Many athletic women will opt for a smaller cup size so they have more comfort during jogging, volleyball games and other activities. Dr. Gray explains, “There are many factors which go into choosing breast implants. My patients are taught the rules and as long as they don’t violate the rules I will do the procedure. Even if a patient has room — meaning enough skin — for an implant, I will not necessarily allow them to use that implant if other rules are violated.”

Dr. Gray cautions that “big breasts are not pretty breasts and pretty breasts are not big. What makes breasts pretty is when the implant fits! Understanding what will fit perfectly is a secret and my years of experience have given me the insight to help women find the perfect fit for their new breasts.”

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