What are the perfect size boobs? The answer as most women discover pretty early on in their lives is that the perfect size breasts are whatever the perfect size is for YOU!

Dr. Michael W. Gray, the world renown cosmetic plastic surgeon at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, helps his patients figure out the right size breasts during their risk free consultation with him. “Women can choose anything they want as these breast augmentation procedures are elective,” Dr. Gray explains. “As long as they follow the rules and limitations.” Dr. Gray presents those rules and limitations during the initial consultation with the patient.

It’s a very personal decision for women to choose their new breast size and this can mean going bigger or smaller. Many athletic women will opt for a smaller cup size so they have more comfort during jogging, volleyball games and other activities. Dr. Gray explains, “There are many factors which go into choosing breast implants. My patients are taught the rules and as long as they don’t violate the rules I will do the procedure. Even if a patient has room — meaning enough skin — for an implant, I will not necessarily allow them to use that implant if other rules are violated.”

Dr. Gray cautions that “big breasts are not pretty breasts and pretty breasts are not big. What makes breasts pretty is when the implant fits! Understanding what will fit perfectly is a secret and my years of experience have given me the insight to help women find the perfect fit for their new breasts.”

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