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Breast Asymmetry Can Be Fixed

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A size discrepancy between your breasts can be frustrating for many women. This is called breast asymmetry. Truthfully every woman’s breasts have a certain degree of asymmetry, but for some women the size difference between the breasts may be more severe.  In cases in which the size difference between the

Old-em:The Inevitable Journey

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With the passing of all the holidays, and all the expressions, you may have noticed NEW wrinkles. OMG! As you look in the mirror your realizing that time is passing so fast and that you are ….OLD! Like Reese Witherspoon’s wrinkled interview on the Red Carpet, or Gywneth Paltrow’s use

My Bubble Butt

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The Brazillian Butt “Lift” With summer just around the corner, many women all want one thing, to look good in our bikinis! This means we better get to our dieting and exercising real soon. Although many women workout to try to get that bubble butt like Beyonce, J Lo, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj