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Getting That Oscar Look With a Breast Lift

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If you saw the 2015 Oscars this past Sunday evening then you were likely in awe of the absolutely beautiful women on the Red Carpet. The Academy Awards are known for the star studded gathering of Hollywood royalty, but this award ceremony has become more like a fashion show. The

Dr. Gray Does Photoshop Retouching in Real Life

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As the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue was hitting news stands and subscribers’ mailboxes this week, a former SI Swimsuit model was making news. An un-retouched photograph of supermodel Cindy Crawford leaked onto the Web through Twitter. This photo of the 48-year-old beauty caused much discussion and debate about the

Ladies: Help Direct Your Man to a Valuable Valentine’s Gift

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Buying a Valentine’s gift for a wife or girlfriend may sound like a simple task, but for many men it is a stressful, anxiety-ridden chore. Corporate America understands this and tries very hard to market to men in the week’s leading up to Valentine’s Day. Women can help men do

Breast Asymmetry Can Be Fixed

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A size discrepancy between your breasts can be frustrating for many women. This is called breast asymmetry. Truthfully every woman’s breasts have a certain degree of asymmetry, but for some women the size difference between the breasts is more severe. In cases in which the size difference between the left

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