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EndoBAM is an acronym for Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty and is the endoscopic surgery to enlarge the size of the breast(s). Endoscopic literally means a surgery or procedure performed by the use of an endoscope, which is an instrument for visualizing the interior of the body. Think of an endoscope as a camera which can be inserted into the body. An endoscope allows a physician to view the interior of the body via a TV monitor while enabling the surgery to be performed using smaller incisions. The result is a less invasive surgery with less downtime, less discomfort and lower risks of any complications.

You may have heard this procedure called “scarless” breast augmentation, belly button breast augmentation and even TUBA ( Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation). Regardless of what you may have heard it called, the surgery’s primary goal is to provide the patient with a fuller bust using breast implants, all without visible scarring on the breasts or under the arms. Dr. Gray a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon was one of the innovators in designing instruments for this procedure as well as the technique for creation of the space without the need for expansion techniques. His innovations have made the procedure safer and more refined. The surgery is very safe when performed by a well-trained and qualified surgeon like Dr. Gray ( West Bloomfield, Michigan). Dr. Gray has performed over 60,000 procedures in the last 20 years. An added bonus is that the recovery time is often cut in half compared to conventional incision choices ( under the breast, arm pit or through the nipple).

Over the years, Endobam has received unfair negative criticisms by surgeons who have never had proper training or could not surgically grasp this endoscopic technique. Dr. Gray explains, “These surgeons often found themselves less competitive and to prevent financial loss wrongly criticized this procedure in their communities”. It makes sense, since these surgeons could not perform EndoBAM, they would manipulate the public and their patients to think this procedure is unsafe! This is obviously a marketing ploy. Considering the tens of thousands of women who have had this surgery and are walking around today, quite happy and with no visible scars! Obviously these nay-sayers have been stricken with Sour Grapes Syndrome and are simply touting it as a poor technique with which to implant a breast implant because they cannot, or do not wish to offer this procedure to their patients. All surgeons will use what they know works best in their hands, which should be expected. Unfortunately, these surgeons will try to manipulate their patients in choosing a procedure that surgeon knows how to do. These surgeons try to denounce a proven procedure because they would not get paid if the patient went to someone else who knew how to do the procedure. Dr. Gray is skilled in all techniques and methods and allows his patients to choose whichever technique they prefer. In an extensive consultation Dr. Gray reviews with all his patients all the options and lets an educated patient choose the method and implants they desire.

Post-operative risks of the Endobam procedure is less than, a standard-incision breast augmentation procedure. Patients have reported being able to perform simple tasks earlier post-operatively than patients who have had incisions on the breasts or under the arms. The obvious benefit is of course the lack of visible scarring, less risks of complications ( ie, capsular contracture, infection, loss of sensation, et al) as well as much shorter recovery time.

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