Boob jobs are for the summer. That’s one of the most common myths that Dr. Michael W. Gray hears at his Michigan based cosmetic surgery center. “Most women think about wearing their bikinis at the beach in July and want to impress their boyfriend, husbands and friends with beautiful breasts,” Dr. Gray explains. “However, it’s not only those sexy bikinis that really show off your breasts. A fall sweater or tight fitting Lycra shirt on the ski slopes will also show off your chest.”


While the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center is certainly a crowded place during the warm summer months in Metro Detroit, it’s even busier in the fall. With Thanksgiving celebrations, high school reunions and holiday parties coming up, women want to impress… and feel great about their look. A breast lift or abreast enlargement from Michigan’s Premier Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Gray is the obvious choice to give yourself a bustier, more voluptuous look. Recovery time is much less than what most patients think making the fall the ideal time for this procedure.

spl523804 013 733x1024 Filling Out That Fall Sweater and Looking Sexy