Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. Like most Americans you likely had a fun day with family, watched some football, and ate too much at your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t worry about it because it’s an annual tradition.

Many men and women use the Thanksgiving holiday to begin thinking about their New Year’s resolution. The #1 New Year’s resolution for Americans in 2014 was to lose weight. That’s not surprising since we’re always trying to drop some pounds, get in better physical shape and become more fit. Gym memberships, exercise equipment and expensive weight loss programs are just a few of the many ways Americans will spend money this holiday season in hopes of losing weight and looking better.

You can do those things, but you should know about a much smarter way to go. There are many benefits to having a Fat Transfer from Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan — just outside of Detroit. In fact, Dr. Gray’s Fat Transfer is one of the best kept secrets to looking better this holiday season — without the stress of fad diet plans or going to the gym every day.

Gray What You Should Know About the Benefits of Fat Transfer