It’s October and you’ve probably noticed by now that summer is over. Sorry to have to talk about such a sad topic, but it’s true that those sunny days of July and August have turned into cold and dark nights. Yes, there are the fun parts of the fall weather like pickup football games, cider and donuts, and playing in the leaves. But, the days are getting shorter and it’s time to take your sweaters and winter jackets out of storage.


The colder weather also means that many are going to start booking vacations to warm destinations. No matter where you plan to spend a little R&R time this winter – from Florida to California to Arizona to the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic – you’re going to want to look amazingly hot in that bikini. And if your destination of choice has atopless beach, you’re definitely going to want to get that perfect body before you board the plane. You’ll feel like an absolute Hollywood celebrity with your beautiful body.