If you’ve been hearing your friends talk about Gummy Bears a lot lately, it’s not because they’re nostalgic for the delicious gummy candies we all loved as kids. Gummy Bears are another way of talking about silicone breast implants. The term “gummy bear breast implant” is the catchy nickname given to silicone breast implants because when cut in half, the implant is “cohesive” and retains its shape — just like those colorful and chewy gummy bear candies.

Gummy 682x1024 Whys Everyone Talking About Gummy Bears?

“Gummy Bears” look and feel more like natural breasts, but they are also safer than older silicone implants because they have a lower rupture rate. “What many women are calling Gummy Bear implants are a cohesive gel and form-stable,” Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan explained. “These New ‘Gummy Bear’ breast implants, which I offer at my cosmetic surgery center in Michigan, are safer than older type of silicone implants which were liquid versus a contained cohesive form. In the event of a rupture, the silicone will not potentially migrate like older silicone implants.”