On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, there was a very funny sketch poking fun at guys who buy theirgirlfriends or wives last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts at CVS. The idea behind the sketch was that a lot of men don’t spend any time thinking about what their ladies actually want or need for a Valentine’s Day gift. Stores like CVS make it too easy to just grab a quick, last minute gift.

Sex Dice Saturday Night Live Valentine's Day


Of course when the guy gets home and the wife opens her Valentine’s Day present she knows immediately that absolutely no thought or emotion went into the selection of the gift. Guys: Don’t let that be you. Put some real thought into the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your woman.


The faux commercial that targeted last-minute Valentine’s Day shopping and showcased a host of low-budget gifts that ostensibly can be found on the shelves of the drugstore chain’s stores.


The roughly two-minute spot shows lazy boyfriends “treating” their significant others to CVSValentine’s Day gifts such as a singing Mylar balloon or a small stuffed bear dressed up like a bumble bee and adorned with miniature hears that say “bee mine.”