The neck is a very important part of our bodies. Without it, our head wouldn’t have anywhere to sit. Seriously though, you might be surprised by how many women come to Dr. Michael W. Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan and the only part of their body they want improved is their neck.

Women who are interested in a neck lift, which is one of many specialties of Dr. Gray, may have beautiful bodies but have what is known as “Turkey Neck”. The “Turkey Neck” is excess skin hanging underneath your chin and jawline resembling a turkey’s wattle. The cause of this problem is due to continued growth of skin over time as you age or gain and lose weight and because of genetics. No matter the reason for this excess skin, women want to do away with it. [’s slideshow of celebrities with Turkey Neck problems]


Ulrika Jonsson’s Turkey Neck

As women get older the excess skin and fat around their neck can become more pronounced and that is often the time women become interested in a neck lift. Dr. Gray has several solutions for fixing this problem and making the neck look beautiful with tight, gorgeous skin and amazing definition.

The Weekend Necklift is Dr. Michael Gray’s remarkable new procedure in which he tightens the skin of the neck, reduces fat and reveals a more sculpted jawline. This quick and effective procedure has little if any discomfort so you can have it done on a Friday and plan to be back in action Monday, hence its name.

For those women who are not interested this type of fix, Dr. Gray has other options that might be right for you! Tighter skin can be obtained using various forms of Lasers and Radio Frequency (RF) waves to tighten skin. This special technology tightens skin non-surgically through the use of heat. Tighter skin occurs over a one to three month period after the procedure. Other options to improve the neck also include another procedure invented by Dr. Gray called The Neck Sling. There are many advantages to the non-surgical option that are explained on Dr. Gray’s website at

Natalie Portman Neck

Natalie Portman’s Beautiful Neck

Everyone always talks about the beautiful breasts or the cute butt of famous actresses, but many times we don’t realize what a beautiful neckline these celebrities have. So the next time you see a photo on the web of Natalie Portman or Jennifer Aniston, take a close look at how tight and pretty their necks are. Dr. Gray can help make your neck gorgeous and you less self-conscious about it.

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