purse Just like buying Lubiton shoes or carrying a Chanel or Gucci hand bag there are enhancing procedures that when performed take your beauty to a heightened level.

There are many procedures that exist to correct many issues people have with their body but often patients are unaware that these procedures exist. It is often these secondary procedures that enhance your appearance over just doing the primary procedure.

Correcting issues with the nipple and areola are easy and quick procedures. Whether the nipple is inverted, to large or too short or if the areola is too large, too small, or herniated (puffy) Dr. Michael W. Gray a world renowned cosmetic surgeon located in West Bloomfield, Michigan states that more than ever patients are seeking these ancillary procedures to compliment their breast augmentation.

Although procedures like these are not as common as liposuction or breast augmentation there place in cosmetic surgery are well founded and provide patients with gratifying results. Other procedures such as ear pinning (otoplasty), lip reduction or Lip enlargement, or fat transfer to the cheeks or buttocks ( Brazilian Butt Lift ) are equaly beneficial in enhancing the looks of the body. For every primary procedure there are other secondary procedures that enhance the main procedure.

To learn more about how you can enhance your looks and benefit from cosmetic surgery call Dr. Gray at 248-538-3333 or visit www.anewyou.com

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