Eye Treatment

A relaxing treatment offered as an "Eyes Only" treatment or can be combined with one of our many facials or body treatments. Helps to diminish fine lines and reduce puffiness for instant smoothing and firming.


Relax for a full hour as you experience a body massage, steam, extractions, exfoliation and mask to help clear your pores and tighten skin tone.


Excellent treatment for those suffering from allergies and/or sinus problems. This 45-minute treatment incorporates an amazing acupressure massage to relieve unwanted tension.

Mini Express Facial

Quick and effective, this 30-minute facial targets skin care needs by nourishing, exfoliating, cleansing and hydrating.


Rich in minerals, this treatment soothes, tones and deeply hydrates the skin.

High Frequency

Excellent for acne prone patients, this treatment helps to clear out pores with the use of galvanic and high frequency currents to extract and cleanse the face of its impurities.


Experience the benefit of a full microdermabrasion and enhance it with Vitamin C. The ultrasound helps to drive the Vitamin C into the deeper skin layers, which helps to stimulate collagen and protect skin from further Free Radical Damage.

Clay Peel

Excellent for acne, this treatment provides great exfoliation, helps dry and shrink the sabacious glands and also helps fade hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C

Ideal for anytime of year as it provides additional hydration and targets the prevention of sun damage and aging. Vitamin C helps with hyperpigmentation, improves skin elasticity, tone and stimulates collagen production. Skin feels tighter and reflects a nice healthy glow.


Notice a visible firming and toning of the skin with the Esthetique peel. A combination of Vitamins, Humectants and Retinols effectively help to treat pigmentation and work as a great anti-aging procedure. With little or no stinging, it works well on sensitive skin types as well as those not so sensitive looking for instant tightening with minimal exfoliation.

AFA Excel Facials

Natural amino fruit acids with Vitamin C, Purine moisturizers and Dead Sea Minerals offer rapid and lasting improvement in the tone and texture of the skin. This Chemical Peel helps to decrease visible wrinkling and reduce photo pigmentation without hard irritations.


Glycolic Acid penetrates the skin and loosens thickened surface layers, improves tone and texture and helps to decrease fine lines and improve acne for a healthier, smoother appearance.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen increases tissue respiration to help move toxins and destructive free radicals (significant contributors to aging) out of the system. No stinging or irritating side effects are present during the treatment and you are left with a radiant sun kissed glow.

Pumpkin Peel

Appropriate treatment for any age, the pumpkin peel promotes healing, good exfoliation and provides vitamin nutrition to the skin. Pumpkin offers more than 100 beneficial components, including the highest concentrations of natural vitamins A, B, Beta Carotene, enzymes and nutrients that leave your skin with an extremely healthy glow.