Cellulite Treatment
Dermosonic Anti-Cellulite Ultrasound Therapy – price upon request A Non Invasive Subdermal Therapy – The Dermosonic Method is aimed at treating those aesthetic alterations which fundamentally affect the dermis and the subdermis and is based on the combination of two specific therapies: ULTRASOUND and NON INVASIVE SUBDERMAL THERAPY whose effects are complemented and boosted to offer the maximum results in body aesthetic treatments.
• Post-op Liposuction Sculpting
• Any form or location of Cellulite
• Peripheral Circulation Disorders
• Stretch Marks and Scars
• Body Contouring


MD2TM Liposculpt Cellulite Reduction – price upon request

The MD2TM Liposculpt & Cellulite Therapeutic Massager complements and enhances cellulite reduction treatments. Therapeutic massage has been medically proven and documented to temporarily increase circulation and temporarily reduce cellulite.
At-home treatments and cellulite massage, self-administered with the MD2TM Liposculpt & Cellulite Therapeutic Massager, can be easily and effectively performed with MD2TM’s patented engineering principle called Directional MobilizationTM, advanced lipoapplicators, and simple-to-perform techniques.

Pevonia Body Salt Glow – $90
with Self Tanning Treatment – $125.00
includes a free self tanning product a $25.00 dollar value
Glow is the keyword for this deep cleansing exfoliating treatment. Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral slats and essential oils to remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Your skin surfaces smooth, healthy and radiant and is prepared for further body treatment.

Desert Heat Body Wrap – $90.00
A passport to complete relaxation, this exceptional treatment delivers a holistic formula rich in: copper, magnesium and zinc. This warm, soothing, bubbling cocoon, with nature’s richest red seaweed and mineralizing golden Arizona desert mud, soothes and relaxes every inch of your skin. As healing and nourishing minerals seep in, warm heat encourages aches, pain, fatigue and stress to flow freely out of your body. Skin surfaces mineralized, hydrated, nourished and toned, exuding a healthy, vibrant glow. Aromatherapy

Cocoon Pevonia De-Stress – $90.00
Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away, just as if you were basking in a flower filled mountain meadow. Natural herbal essential oils are applied in a warm, aromatic treatment, chose to stimulate your body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace and well-being to body, mind and soul.

Pevonia Moor Mud Full Body Wrap –
Health for Life – $90.00

Discover what the ancients know centuries ago. Gently vanquishing aches and pains, this moor brings instead a state of deep relaxation and wellness into the very fibers of your being. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, this unique natural black magma rejuvenates your skin and brings you back to healthy life.

Pevonia Detox Thalasso Wrap – $95.00
A true gift from the sea all the way from Brittany, this seaweed wrap is soothing and smoothening. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs intense benefits from the rich array of
minerals, micronized vitamins and enzymes naturally abundant in this French seaweed. Esthebuste Treatment – $75.00
“Turning Back the Clock for Neck, Bust & Decollete” A unique concept for a remarkable results-oriented spa treatment. The latest-discovered therapeutic ingredient “Kigelia Africana” used at a high concentration, brings forth immediate and visible results. Your skin will experience the healing, repairing and tightening benefits of this treatment.

Back Treatment – $75.00
A thorough back cleanse with a luxurious salt scrub, to exfoliate dead skin cells. Aromatherapy oils used to massage the back and relax the muscles. Acne Chest &

Back Treatment – $80.00
A new two-step application that optimizes the exfoliation benefits and the antioxidant benefits of the Amino Fruit Acids. A three step program to help rid the chest and back of any breakouts. A Cleanse, Clay Mask and Amino Fruit Acid gel, recommended once weekly for a 3 – 5 week period. Stretch mark Removal Treatment – package special $1500

A combination of 3 treatments including microdermabrasion, cool touch, and glycolic acid treatments. Applied directly to the stretch mark areas. Results have been excellent.