BlemRenu TouchStick™ & Concealer

A unique two-step process that helps rapidly dry and resolve active breakouts. BlemRenu TouchStick reduces inflammation while the Concealer helps dry and conceal.

Brightening TouchStick™ 


A unique skin brightener, Brightening TouchStick combines Kojic acid, Hydroxy acids, Vitamin C and is fortified with Green Tea. Brightening TouchStick improves the appearance of sunspots, melasma and chloasma, skin discoloration and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

This product is available for normal to oily skin types.


MinaPore™ TouchStick™

MinaPore TouchStick helps reduce the size of enlarged pores with a unique chemical combination. This product contains Enantia chlorantha, a plant derived compound that helps slow the proliferation and differentiation of sebum-producing cells. MinaPore TouchStick also contains Oleanolic acid, a fatty acid that helps inhibit the effects of androgens on sebaceous glands and thus reduce their activity. Finally, this product contains Trichloroacetic acid to increase cell turnover and help clear the cellular build-up causing follicular enlargement.

ReNu Weekly Pads
ReNu Daily Pads
ReNu Masque

A high potency combination of alpha (glycolic and lactic) and beta (salicylic) hydroxyacids which, when used regularly, can produce superficial exfoliating effects similar to those produced by an in-office chemical peel.

ReNu Daily may be used as an effective adjunct to acne therapy to refine pores and smooth skin texture. ReNu Weekly is an integral part of our anti-photo aging regimen, and is effective in evening out skin tone and texture, reducing fine lines and reducing pore sizes.

Our ReNu Masque contains powerful antioxidants in addition to alpha and beta hydroxyacids, to calm and tone the skin. It can be used as a component of our anti-photo aging regimen, in conjunction with acne therapies, or as a stand-alone treatment.