ReNu Serum

Available without a prescription, retinol is a form of Vitamin A, a time-tested ingredient that improves the appearance of fine lines (in around four weeks), wrinkles (in around 12 weeks), mottled skin tone, hyper pigmentation, skin texture, smoothness and dry skin. ReNu Serum delivers skin-rejuvenation benefits with less irritation than prescription retinoids. ReNu Serum is designed for combination and oily skin types.

HydraPeptide Gel

A unique hyaluronic acid-based get designed to enhance skin moisture and reduce signs of photo aging. HydraPeptide Gel contains compounds, which have been clinically proven to improve the dermal support matrix; thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

HydraPeptide Gel is appropriate for use under make-up, sunscreen or moisturizer and is appropriate for all skin types. It is also useful as a lightweight moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

Body Mist, C-mollient™ Gel
ReNu + C Hydrating Cream

Both our C-mollient products and ReNu + C Hydrating Cream contain Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the only Vitamin C compound clinically demonstrated in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to increase both Grenz-zone and type 1 collagen. In addition to stimulating collagen production, this compound provides anti-oxidant activity, inhibits lipid peroxidation, and provides skin clarifying and brightening actions by inhibiting melanogenesis.

These products contain natural-source Vitamin E Acetate (d-stereoisomer) for enhanced lipid-based anti-oxidant activity as well as Green Tea Extract to help reduce skin dryness and irritation. Green Tea is a mixture of xanthine compounds (e.g. caffeine) and anti-oxidant (free radical scavenging) polyphenols.

These non-acid formulas are useful for individuals with sensitive skin, eye area application and after in-office procedures where the skin barrier may be compromised, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and light treatments.

ReNuC + Ferulic Serum

ReNuC + Ferulic contains the only form of Vitamin C clinically proven to increase collagen production. The anti-oxidant cocktail of Vitamins C & E and Green Tea, paired with penetration-enhancing hydroxyacids, makes it among the most potent anti-aging products available.

RenuC + Ferulic clarifies and brightens the skin, while tightening sagging areas and softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially when used in conjunction with our ReNu Serum.

ReNuC + Ferulic is designed for normal to oily skin types.

SunShade SPF 30

SunShade SPF 30 is a unique melanin-containing physical sunscreen. Melanins are a class of pigments responsible for the color of skin and hair and can neutralize free radicals generated by sunlight. MelaShade contains only Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide for gentle, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. The chemical-free, fragrance-free formula dries clear. SunShade SPF 30 has a specially designed silky, matte-finish formula ideal for facial application. The silicone vehicle is well suited for post procedure and sensitive skin.

TeaDerma™ Pads and TeaDerma™ Spray

The first commercially available form of topical Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), the most biologically-active component of Green Tea. EGCG is associated with a variety of biological effects including free-radical scavenging, inflammation reduction, and UVA/UVB photo protection. The anti-oxidant activity of EGCG is approximately 100 times that of Vitamin C and 25 times that of Vitamin E at protecting cells and DNA from damage.