Big Breasts are Not Pretty Breasts and Pretty breasts are not Big. What Makes Breasts Pretty??

What makes breasts pretty is that they FIT! One of the first things that we are taught as children is how to make things fit. Remember those toy blocks we used to play with that were all different sizes and shapes? To get them to fit into the right hole we had to make the size and shape fit. This was one of our first experiences with Fitting.

One of the next things we learnt was how things look good together. Of course there were times when we wore outfits that didn’t quite match, but we learnt our lessons from those mistakes.

Breasts are no different. To look pretty, breasts have to be the right size and the right shape to fit your body.

Big doesn’t mean better when it comes to breast size and smaller isn’t always the right fit either. There are cosmetic surgeons out there who just try to make breasts as big as possible. Not Dr. Michael Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa! Dr. Gray believes that pretty breasts on a woman are breasts that fit that woman perfectly. Big breasts aren’t necessarily pretty looking if they look too big. What makes them pretty is that they fit the woman and look beautiful in relation to her entire body.