Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman has never been shy of sharing her opinion. She is notorious for her cutting edge wit and raunchy humor. So, it was no surprise when earlier this year she gave her opinion on cosmetic surgery. Silverman told Glamour magazine, “I know, aging is like a really slow-moving horror movie, especially for women. But the lines on our faces are valuable. When I see people with fillers or weirdo stretched-out faces, I’m like, You look crazy.

Easy for Sarah to say because she still looks great at 43. The reason that many women Sarah Silverman’s age — both Hollywood celebrities and your average person — elect to use Botox and fillers is because it helps maintain a more youthful, attractive look. It’s possible that Sarah doesn’t require that today, but she might have a change of heart in the near future. Even if Sarah continues to avoid use of fillers for her face, there is one place on her body that she might consider having cosmetic surgery.


On the Red Carpet at last month’s Emmy Awards, Sarah Silverman was interviewed like all of the other A-List celebs. In addition to revealing that she keeps liquid marijuana in her purse, Sarah also offered that one of her boobs was higher than the other. That is not a terribly uncommon attribute in some women. Dr. Michael W. Gray, a cosmetic plastic surgeon at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan has helped countless woman who have noticed that their breasts were not balanced on their chest. “If having one breast higher than the other is something that bothers you, it is easy to fix through cosmetic surgery,” explained Dr. Gray. “Some women have uneven breasts because they were born that way, while others might have undergone cosmetic surgery in which another surgeon botched their procedure creating a misalignment or malposition. I can correct that.”

And when it comes to those fillers that Sarah Silverman has vowed to forego, Dr. Gray explains that “fillers restore the youthful look of the face, however, if not done properly they will look overly done. The key is going to the right surgeon who knows how to do fillers properly.” When fillers are injected properly, no one would know it was done. “By placing fillers properly these patients go unnoticed. However, if you see distortions due to fillers that is either due to the inability of the injector or the desire of the patient. Fillers, when done in the hands of skilled surgeons, restore the face properly.”

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