With the passing of all the holidays, and all the expressions, you may have noticed NEW wrinkles. OMG! As you look in the mirror your realizing that time is passing so fast and that you are OLD!

Wrinkles are preventable! One way to stop the formation of wrinkles is to cease making facial expressions and/or sleeping on your face. If the former is not possible then there is Botox.

Botox is the Fountain of Youth in a bottle! It is like carrying a plastic surgeon around with you wherever you go mindlessly preventing the formation of wrinkles as you get along with your daily routines.


Botox is a chemical that is used to paralyze muscles of facial expressions. Facial expressions are a learned behavior. When a Baby is born, we teach our offspring: our culture, our language, our personality and our expressions. The baby mimics our expressions and as the muscles learn these movements, these movements in time become habits. The muscle then grabs the skin unconciously and forms a wrinkle! However, these wrinkle are not yet a true wrinkles.

At this point if we use Botox to paralyze the muscle, the wrinkle will go away. In time, as we continue to bend the skin, these not yet “true” wrinkles WILL become “REAL” wrinkles! Once the wrinkles evolve into a “Real” wrinkle, using Botox will only improve the portion of the wrinkle that is due to the muscle. The muscular portion of the wrinkle is removed and the true wrinkle in the skin is revealed. This is the start of your journey into OLD-em. Don’t fret, there are more treatments that are available to you. Since “Real” wrinkles are true wrinkles we need to use Irons to improve wrinkles. The best iron for the skin of the face is the CO2 Laser.

Botox, “The fountain of youth in a bottle” is used to prevent a wrinkle from ever forming. Used to treat a wrinkle that is not yet a wrinkle. Used to treat the portion of the wrinkle that’s due to the muscle and reveal what is truly needed for the skin.

Botox takes about 3-5 days to work after injected and can last anywhere from 2-9 months. Call Dr. Michael Gray, D.O.- Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center & Skin Deep Spa at 248-538-3333 to learn more about what you can do to prevent aging.