Everyone always talks about the beautiful breasts or the cute butt of famous actresses and bikini models, but many times we don’t realize what a beautiful neckline these celebrities have as well. On the other hand, some actresses and models have had cosmetic surgery to give them the perfect looking breasts or a tight face with no wrinkles, but they’ve neglected to take care of their neck. This is called a Turkey Neck.

A Turkey Neck is when someone, not only an elderly person, has excess skin around her neck which tends to dangle as it grows. “While the breasts, belly and butt are the three most popular areas for patients to choose cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa says, “I’m finding that more and more women are recognizing that its their necks that require work. Nothing makes a woman look older than she actually is than when she has a Turkey Neck.

Neck Lift

Sadly, several famous models and Hollywood actresses have a Turkey Neck. This can happen with the aging process, and for some women it occurs even before age 50. But there is hope.

Dr. Gray can help make your neck gorgeous and you less self-conscious about it. You might have gorgeous breasts and flaunt them with a cleavage revealing low neckline. You might have a tight tummy and cute butt too. However, if you have a turkey neck, that’s what people will focus on. You’ll appear to be older than you actually are and the stares will be so focused on your unflattering neck that they won’t even notice the rest of you body. Dr. Gray’s neck procedures include the very common Neck LiftNeck Sling, as well as his patented Face Lifts. Also, for those interested, Dr. Gray can perform Nonsurgical Skin Tightening.

Remember, Dr. Gray is only a phone call away. Make your risk free consultation with the world renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Gray today at 248-538-3333. Why would you wait another day when Dr. Gray can get you the gorgeous neck you desire?