Do a Google search on the web for “How to look like a Victoria’s Secret model” and you’re going to find over 100,000 websites that give everything from makeup application advice to diets to special exercise regimens. Why? Because women want to look like Victoria’s Secret models.

Let’s face it, not all magazine models are drop-dead gorgeous, but ask anyone who’s ever shopped for a new bra or lingerie by looking through the Victoria’s Secret mail-order catalog and they’ll tell you that the women hired by this company are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s no wonder that the Victoria’s Secret catalog is the most popular mail-order catalog — for the women interested in buying new underwear as well as for the boyfriends and husbands shopping for that sexy teddy to give for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. And let’s not forget that the Victoria’s Secret catalog is also extremely popular among middle school boys (but we won’t go there!).