There are certain negative aspects about one’s physical looks that make people self-conscious. Of course, when the negative physical appearance has to do with one’s face, it can make for a very difficult situation.

If someone has protuberant ears, it can lead to many years of challenges —  teasing from peers during childhood, not wanting to wear baseball caps, and of course not wanting to pose for photographs. Both children and adults with prominent ears often feel unhappy and self-conscious. The teasing that children can experience can have devastating effects on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

ears cosmetic surgery - Dr Michael Gray

However there is hope. A new procedure by Dr. Michael Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa can put an end to a lifetime of challenges. Through otoplasty – in which the ear cartilage is reshaped, Dr. Michael Gray can significantly change the appearance of the ears that normally stick out. This procedure takes as little as 30 minutes and can be done under local or deeper sedation if desired. 

The remarkable results that Dr. Gray’s patients experience change their outlook on life. All of a sudden, they are eager to pose for photographs and no longer feel self-conscious about their prominent ears.

Treatment involves reforming the natural curves to the cartilage through the placement of fine sutures behind the ear. Sometimes cartilage of the concha (“bowl shaped cartilage”) is reduced when needed or desired.

Dr. Gray can also repair lacerated or torn earlobes, which are a common problem for people who sleep with earrings and those with trauma to the ears. This can be repaired under local anesthesia and tends to be a painless procedure. Additionally, this procedure is ideal for young people who gauge their earlobes as that can be fixed as well.

So if you are ears protrude like Prince Charles, contact Dr. Michael Gray today at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. Now you will no longer get those uncomfortable looks from others about your ears  and you will feel better about yourself. Call today at 248-533- 3333 or visit our website at