As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season, there are a bunch of new movies being released in early November. These movies feature beautiful female actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Watson, Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams.

Whenever movies are in the theater starring hot Hollywood celebs like these women, there are also many women coming to visit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan. These women often come in holding the latest issue of People Magazine, US Magazine or Entertainment Weekly and tell Dr. Gray that they want to have breasts like this actress or a flat belly like that actress.

Dr. Michael Gray

There’s nothing wrong with this. After all, women have been taking celebrity magazines into their hair salons for years and telling their hair stylists they want their hair to look like Jennifer Aniston’s or Beyonce’s. While Dr. Gray can’t magically make you look exactly like your favorite movie stars, he can help you improve your look and get a sense for the type of look you’re interested in from these beautiful actresses.

Dr. Gray has been performing cosmetic surgery procedures for decades and has gained a reputation for his work. Let him get you the look you want. Schedule a free consultation today with Dr. Michael Gray by calling 248.538.3333 or go to the A New You website and use our “Body Selection Tool” at Before you know it, you’ll have that hot Hollywood look from the magazines and movies.