Each year thousands of men and women from around the world walk through the doors of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan to seek out the expertise of Dr. Michael Gray for plastic surgery. Many of these men and women ask Dr. Gray the same question: “How long will it take for my scar to heal?”


The truth is that as much as cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Michael Gray would love for each patient’s scar to heal immediately, that simply is not the case. Plastic surgeons do not control how quickly the body heals or how the body heals. Each human being is different. As such healing is an individual process and occurs at different rates.


The chemical that is produced by humans when injured is called Fibrin Glue. All humans produce the same chemicals whether it is Insulin, Estrogen, Testosterone, Thyroid Hormone, etc. The difference which exist with humans is not the chemical each human makes, but rather the AMOUNT they make. Most humans produce the right amount of chemicals which explains why most humans are not diabetics. Also, when it comes to an injury or an incision, most humans produce just enough Fibrin Glue where the two sides of the incision bond together as a fine line. Some humans — a minority — produce more Fibrin Glue and this causes the skin to heal farther apart producing a widened scar. Another subset of humans produces more Fibrin Glue and a mound forms at the location of the incision. This is called a Hypertrophic Scar, which is often confused with a Keloid. The last type of healing process occurs in the rarest of all humans and that is called the Keloid Scar. A Keloid Scar is when, for unknown reasons, the production of the bodies natural glue exceeds to the point that it extends up and over the sides similar to the appearance of a mushroom. The Keloid Scar appears more commonly in African Americans, Asians and Indians. Keloid scar formation is unlikely to occur and extremely unusual occurrence in Caucasians.


Before-After-Scar - Dr. Michael Gray (Michigan)


There are ways that surgeons can make the scars less noticeable. One method employed by Dr. Gray is to hide incisions in the natural folds, creases and lines of the body  when possible. Another way Dr. Gray makes incisions heal better is to properly align the edges of a wound. A third way is to bring the edges together with less tension so the driving forces don’t pull the incision apart. Finally, providing the body with the proper nutrients and antioxidants internally and externally through special vitamins for the skin (taken orally) AND topically by applying Dr. Gray’s Skin Therapy for Scars. This revolutionary product, which provides the proper nutrients for skin to heal its best. Both of these products are available at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa. Schedule your risk free consultation today with Dr. Michael Gray by calling 248-538-3333 or fill out the simple form on the website at www.anewyou.com.