Mini Face Lift

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Mini Face Lift: Overview

Want a younger appearance, but don’t want to interrupt your busy life? A mini face lift is the perfect solution. This procedure lifts the skin of the jowl and tightens the cheek muscles, all with less recovery time than a traditional face lift. A mini face lift is a popular option for people who do not need a full face lift to get the results they want. With the expertise of Dr. Michael W. Gray, you can turn back the clock in the matter of an hour and be back in the spotlight in no time!

Mini Face Lift: Procedure

A mini face lift tightens the cheek and jowl through a small incision that is placed below the temporal (sideburn) hairline, in front of the curves of the ear and just under the earlobe. This makes the procedure particularly noninvasive so only local anesthesia needs to be used. More sedation can be used if desired. Other procedures such as facial fillers Alloderm and Botox, fat transfer to cheeks, lip augmentation, CO2 laser, eyelids, and brow can be added to enhance the final results.

Mini Face Lift: Recovery

A mini face lift is relatively painless with patients experiencing temporary discomfort and minimal bruising.  Recovery time takes about 3 days and is much quicker than a traditional face lift.

Non-Surgical Mini Face Lift

When surgical intervention is not desired, the cheeks can be rejuvenated using EUAL and Smart Lipo MPX alone or in combination to help decrease fat and tighten skin. If further skin tightening is desired non-surgically, Fraxel or CO2 repair and Thermage can be added.

Another option for a non-surgical mini face lift is a Liquid Face Lift, with or without Botox.