Ear Surgery
Before and After Photos

Ear Surgery: Overview

Large ear size or protuberant ears can be a source of insecurity for children and adults alike. Many times, children are teased which can have devastating effects on their self-esteem and self-confidence. Protruding or large ears can be due to developmental deformities in the fold of the ear (Pinna) or excess cartilage in the cup shaped bowl near the ear canal. This procedure can be performed at any age once the ears are fully developed, usually age five or six. Ear surgery is a quick and relatively painless procedure that can give a lifetime of confidence and self-esteem.

Ear Surgery: Procedure

Treatment involves reforming the natural curves to the cartilage through the placement of fine sutures behind the ear. Sometimes cartilage of the concha (“bowl shaped cartilage”) is reduced when needed or desired.

Earlobe Surgery:

1.    Large protuberant or underdeveloped earlobes can be bothersome to individuals not only when wearing earrings, but cosmetically as well. Dr. Michael W. Gray can reshape these earlobes by adding volume or reducing their size.

2.    Lacerated / Torn Earlobes are common problem for people who sleep with earrings and those with trauma to the ears. This can be repaired under local anesthesia and tends to be a painless procedure.

3.    Keloid scars are unsightly ball shaped scars that can form in front and behind the earlobe. They are commonly caused by ear piercings. These scars can be treated by Dr. Gray with a series of injections and with a final excision to restore the earlobe to it’s natural state.