The 2014 mother. While a mom in 2014 isn’t much different than a mom in 1954, there are some differences. Today’s mother takes care of the house and the children, but she’s also a working woman. Perhaps she’s on the phone making deals while driving the kids to soccer or presenting in the boardroom before heading to a piano recital.

Mommy Makeover - Dr Gray

Whether it’s your wife, your own mother or your grandchildren’s mother, you should reward her this Mother’s Day. At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Dr. Michael Gray’s “Mommy Makeover” is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. The Mommy Makeover helps woman get their pre-pregnancy body back in a safe, effective way. Dr. Gray will take the time to meet with the favorite mother in your life to carefully explain the procedure what to expect. Recovery time is minimal and the women who have the Mommy Makeover send us glowing testimonials and thank you cards after they look in the mirror following their procedure.

Dr. Michael Gray is offering amazing specials for Mother’s Day from Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and from the Skin Deep Spa (through May 31, 2014). Visit his website for details.

Visit to see Before and After photos of the Mommy Makeover, check out the Skin Deep Spa specials and schedule your risk free consultation with Dr. Michael Gray. Call 248-538-3333 today and make Mother’s Day 2014 extra special for the mothers in your life.