Women want a flat belly. And if you are like 60 percent of American adults, you are carrying more belly fat than you want in the abdominal region. The spare tire is the nemesis of most men and women and it can be dangerous to your health. But when looking at the tummy, there is more than “what meets the eye”. In addition to fat, there is skin and the abdominal girth (i.e., how protuberant your tummy is and what is your circumference).

Due to cultural differences, women, unlike men tend to hold their tummy in. They do this mostly unconsciously resulting in the appearance of a flatter abdomen. The reason most women hold their stomach in will never be identified other than this feat can be accomplished unconsciously to some degree without expending energy. Many women have done this so long that they don’t even realize they are doing this. Those of us who don’t hold our abdomen in will never think another human can achieve this! Why? Because it requires too much energy and effort!