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Thermage: Overview

With Thermage you can look on the outside how you feel on the inside. Whether it’s on your face, your eyes or other parts of the body, Thermage helps smooth, tighten and contour your skin for a naturally younger looking appearance. There’s no surgery, no injections, no anesthesia and no downtime. So you can do something great for your skin in a single treatment and get on with your life.

Thermage: Procedure

Thermage is an FDA approved procedure that uses unique radiofrequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deep layers of your skin while cooling the surface. This heat stimulates your skin to tighten and form collagen. Over time, sagging or wrinkled skin is replaced with smoother, tighter skin. Thermage can be used on any area of the body, including: stomach, arms, legs and more.

Thermage: Recovery

Thermage has no downtime and patients can return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. In rare instances, patients exhibit a temporary redness or minor swelling after treatment, but this usually goes away within hours.