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Smoothing Your Fat

Cellulite is a problem that affects 80% of all women, but thanks to Dr. Michael W. Gray you can finally reduce dimpling to get sexier, more attractive skin with his world-class cellulite treatment options. The causes of cellulite are largely unknown, but there appears to be a few main problems that can be treated resulting in improvement of cellulite.

1. Uneven Fat Goblets
2. Slight Laxity in skin
3. Uneven septa (Septa are small threads that attach the skin to the covering that lies over the muscles. These small threads are of unequal length)



Thermage CL Cellulite Tip

Thermage CL Cellulite Tip obtained FDA clearance to treat cellulite. Thermage offers a single-treatment solution using the new Thermage CL tip. The Thermage ThermaCool System generates radio frequency energy to a hand piece and treatment tip, which delivers surface cooling to protect the skin while simultaneously directing high frequency sound waves deep into the fatty tissue heating the subcutaneous tissue. This tissue located below the skin consists of fibrous septa, fat cells, and blood vessels. This heat shortens the length of the fibrous septa strands forming septa of similar lengths. Producing septa of even lengths results in smoother skin and diminished dimples. Heating the subcutaneous layer of the skin also increases blood flow to the cellulite-prone tissues and improves the appearance of cellulite.


Improvement can be immediate and will increase over a six-month period. Patients have reported results lasting up to one year, although results may last longer.

  • Smoother dimples and improved skin texture.
  • A single treatment with long-lasting results. No repeat visits required.
  • No injections, no surgery and little to no downtime.


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Procedures that treat Septa:

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