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CO2 Repair Treatment: Overview

The newest product in the Fraxel family, Fraxel re:pair treatment is a preemptive strike against a facelift. This treatment gives surgery-like results for the most severly damaged skin by tightening the skin and correcting severe skin damage. CO2 Repair treats: wrinkles, irregular texture, age spots/sunspots, and/or sun-induced redness.

What if you could correct wrinkles and skin damage today, while defending against a facelift tomorrow? And do it all in one, non-surgical treatment? The breakthrough Fraxel re:pair treatment makes it possible—with no need to ever go under the knife.

As you age, your skin naturally loses its elasticity, becoming more prone to looseness, wrinkles and deep frown lines. But with Fraxel re:pair treatment, you can not only tighten aged and damaged skin, you can actually prevent loose skin from forming. So you can avoid facelifts in the future and improve your appearance today.

CO2 Repair Treatment: Procedure

The Fraxel Repair laser employs a novel technique called fractional resurfacing that delivers thousands of microscopic points of laser contact to the skin in a computer-controlled pattern. Because the laser points are separated, much like pixels in a digital picture, only a fraction of the total skin surface is treated at one time. This leads to more rapid and safer than traditional bulk ablative resurfacing lasers popular 10-20 years ago. At each laser contact point, your body grows new collagen that will last for years. In essence, old skin is replaced with younger looking skin with better texture, smaller pores and more normal pigmentation.

The Fraxel repair laser system is FDA cleared for fractional ablative treatment of

  • wrinkles
  • rhytides
  • furrows
  • fine lines
  • textural irregularities
  • pigmented lesions
  • vascular dyschromia

CO2 Repair Treatment: Recovery

After CO2 repair treatment, patients can return to work in 3-8 days, depending on how much skin was resurfaced. The treated area will be red for a short time following the procedure. For a speedier recovery, use Skin Deep Spa’s special recovery kit.