CO2 Laser Treatment: Overview

Take years off your appearance with CO2 Laser Treatment. With this face-specific procedure, Dr. Michael W. Gray can tighten skin and soften the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles to completely eliminate fine lines, and drastically improve the appearance of scars. The CO2 laser is the strongest laser to rejuvenate the skin on the face.

CO2 Laser Treatment: Procedure

During this procedure, Dr. Gray paints a laser beam over the area of skin that’s being treated to remove the outer layer and to achieve a firmer, smoother appearance.

After CO2 laser treatment on the full face or a portion of it, the skin will be a pinky-red color and have a slight ooze (similar to a peeled water blister). If small sections of the face have been treated, patients may elect to hide socially for 3 – 5 days. If the full face has been treated, patients may extend that time frame to 5 – 8 days. Makeup can be applied after the wetness has resolved.  For a speedier recovery, use Skin Deep Spa’s special recovery kit.

CO2 Laser Treatment: Recovery

After CO2 laser treatment, patients can return to work in 3-8 days, depending on how much skin was resurfaced. The treated area will be red for a short time following the procedure.