Vein Treatment: Overview

One of the unfortunate things about getting older is that your veins can negatively affect your appearance. Some people even stop wearing shorts because they hate how their veins look. But thanks to Dr. Michael Gray and Skin Deep Spa, both spider veins and varicose veins can be effectively treated for a drastic improvement in your appearance.

Vein Treatment: Procedure

Dr. Michael Gray and Skin Deep Spa offer a variety of procedures for the treatment of veins.

A non-invasive light treatment that can be used to eliminate tiny, non-varicose veins or blue veins. Unlike sclerotherapy there is no limit to the amount of vessels treated at one time.

During this procedure sclerosing fluid is injected into the vein eliminating this pathway. This makes the vein invisible in as little as one treatment. The amount of sclerosing fluid injected is limited to three 1cc syringes. Other vessels are treated with subsequent office visits. Sclerotherapy is indicated for the treatment of small, red, purple or blue veins that are not varicose (large wormlike vessels).

Segmental vein resection:
This procedure is reserved for longer/wider varicose veins where Sclerotherapy would not be as effective. During segmental vein resection, veins are removed in segments through small punctures in the skin. Activities are restricted for one week after segmental vein removal. This procedure can be done with local anesthetic.