Alloderm®: Overview

Alloderm is an FDA approved implant for the repair, replacement or improvement of skin and surface irregularities.  Alloderm has been used since 1992. It is considered by many to be the best implant for improving soft tissue defects and enhancement of the body.

Alloderm is human skin that is processed by LifeCell Corporation.  All cellular material from the donor is removed leaving pure collagen matrix. The graft is subsequently freeze dried so that there is no potential to transmit any disease. All donors undergo rigorous FDA-licensed screening by the tissue bank prior to acceptance into the donor bank.

Alloderm has many advantages that make it unique in comparison to other products. Since it is solid human collagen, Alloderm does not cause an allergic reaction as other implants might. Unlike other synthetic grafts, Alloderm does not have the firm feeling that can be associated with synthetic grafts. Over time the Alloderm implant will soften and become part of your own tissue making detection quite difficult. Unlike Collagen, this implant is permanent and will maintain most of its mass.

Alloderm®: Procedure

Alloderm can be used in any area of the body. Common sites for implantation include: Body of the lips, lip borders, frown lines, forehead furrows, corners of the mouth, cheek folds, cheeks, chin, and breast.

Alloderm: Recovery

Patients can experience minor swelling to the area depending on what procedure is performed. Typically patients can return to work the next day.  These procedures can be performed with a local anesthetic.