Just about everyone was surprised to hear that actress Eva Mendes was pregnant. There was a lot of speculation as to whether she was pregnant or wasn’t. Many tried to determine if her body looked different in paparazzi photos and rumors of her pregnancy had been percolating through the tabloid magazines since July. Even when TV talk host Ellen DeGeneres asked Eva Mendes about the pregnancy rumors back in February on her show, Mendes denied she was pregnant and called the rumors “ridiculous.” Last week, however, Mendes and her partner Ryan Gosling welcomed a baby girl into the world thus ending the rumors, according to Us Weekly.

Mendes and Gosling aren’t the only famous celebrities to try and maintain some privacy during their pregnancy. It might seem difficult to keep a pregnancy under wraps, but it’s important to remember that a new mother was only obviously pregnant for a few months of the pregnancy. That’s not too difficult to keep from the public eye. What is difficult is getting your body back to what it looked like pre-pregnancy. After all, a lot of skin growth takes place during pregnancy  thereby making your belly, boobs, butt and thighs look much different than how you remember them.

eva mendes 1024x819 Eva Mendes Could Benefit From Mommy Makeover (Could You?)