Since the weather forecast is calling for snow flurries this evening while the kids are out Trick-or-Treating for Halloween, it’s pretty clear that summer is over. And summer’s ending leads many women to think that they don’t have to worry about how their legs look for the next six months. Not true. Maybe you won’t be wearing fun bathing suits and short shorts around town, but you’ll probably still be showing some skin in your Yoga classes and around the gym. That means you’ll want to have toned legs that look great.

For many women who have loose or saggy skin on their legs or thighs, they feel extremely self-conscious. Not only that, but it can also affect one’s lifestyle. Women with saggy skin on their thighs often have difficulty jogging and playing sports, in addition to working out at the fitness center. Many women find themselves wearing long pants and long skirts even when it’s warm enough outside for shorts. Perhaps, you’re even restricting your social activities and avoiding situations where you would rather wear shorts or a swimsuit. If your thighs are no longer as attractive as they once were, it’s likely that aging, hormonal changes or excess skin is to blame for this.

Thigh Tuck by Dr. Gray

World renown cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa has the solution for you. With Dr. Gray’s thigh tuck, you can restore the natural beauty of your youthful looking thighs. No longer will your legs be the cause of feeling self-conscious. With a thigh tuck from Dr. Gray, you’ll enjoy smoother, more attractive thighs, plus a much-improved lower body contour. At his impressive surgery center in Metro Detroit, Michigan (West Bloomfield), Dr. Gray will remove the excess fat and skin from the inner thigh to give them a tighter, firmer and more toned appearance.

Dr. Gray’s thigh tuck may be the perfect solution for you so that you won’t feel the need to cover up and stay home any longer. You’ll be running around your neighborhood in short shorts and showing off your toned legs at the gym in no time. Call Dr. Gray at 248-538-3333 for more information or take advantage of the web form on the website to request a consultation online.