I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard the DJ ask listeners to call in and tell who their favorite celebrity is who has had cosmetic surgery. Callers began reporting names like Courtney Cox, Kim Kardashian, Jamie Lee Curtis and Heidi Montag. But those are just the names of celebs who talk openly about their procedures. The truth is that the majority of famous actors and actresses have all had cosmetic procedures done to look (and feel!) better.



As I listened to the names of these famous stars I thought about the thousands of regular people (celebs in their own right!) who I have helped through the years. For too long in my opinion there has been confusion that cosmetic surgery is only for the rich and famous. That is simply not the case. While it is the celebs like the Kardashians or Howard Stern who are in the news about their cosmetic surgery, it is the millions of people who experience successful procedures each year who we don’t hear about.