The 20/20 reporter introduced the latest trend for those who enjoy posting selfie photos to Instagram and Facebook. She explained that there are now even online “Selfie schools” teaching the “How to’s” for capturing that perfect pose. But for some selfie-holics who want that perfect Insta-Glam, there are filters and photo edits that just aren’t enough. These selfie takers are now actually turning to a more physical Photoshop — cosmetic surgery.

Some are coming to world renown cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Michael W. Gray in Metro Detroit for cosmetic procedures like Hand Rejuvenation so they can take selfies of their gorgeous engagement ring for their Facebook friends and Instagram followers. “That’s right hand rejuvenation,” said the 20/20 reporter on ABC. “After all today’s brides may want something borrowed, something blue and – something to post!” What bride doesn’t want to get her hands smoothed out for a nice selfie?

SELFIE Gray 1024x512 Cosmetic Surgery for Fans of Taking Selfies