The treatment of cellulite uses Laser Lipo (smartlipo) with the use of Dermosonic/Triactive post procedurally in the office and either wellbox or propower at home. After laserlipo, the fat is weakened and in a smoother state. During the first 6 weeks after smartlipo, the fat in its weakened state can be manipulated into a smoother form. The window of opportunity is within the first 6 weeks!


Just like glue drying and cement curing, the fat is healing and gluing together reforming the strong bonds that hold our body together. Once the fat has glued back into its presurgical state, it is very difficult to obtain any further results on cellulite. Since the body heals most rapidly in the first 6 weeks, and heals 24 hours a day, the more aggressive approach to the treatment of cellulite provides the most results.


Dermosonic and Triactive have Ultrasound and Diode lasers that can only be used under the supervision of a physician. These machines are the most powerful remedies in the war against the cheesey body after smart lipo. While you are healing it is recommended that Dermosonic/Triactive be used in combination with home machines (Wellbox or Propower). The machines that can be used unsupervised have only a mechanical smoothing. For more information on the treatment of cellulite contact Dr. Gray at 248-538-3333