Nipple Enlargement: Overview

If your nipples are smaller than you’d like, Dr. Michael W. Gray can enlarge them to help give your breasts a voluptuous and lustful appearance. The great thing about nipple enlargement is that it can be temporary or permanent. Temporary options give you the ability to see if more nipple projection is right for you.

Nipple Enlargement: Procedure

Nipple size can be enhanced with injectable fillers, which provide a temporary enlargement that lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 months. For a more permanent solution, Alloderm® can be inserted into the nipple to enhance the fullness and projection.  Further surgical options to enhance and enlarge nipple size and projection are available.  Dr. Gray will review these options with you during your consultation.

Nipple Enlargement: Recovery

After a nipple enlargement, patients can return to work the same day. Most feel minimal to no discomfort.