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Traditional Enlargement Photos
Silicone or Saline



Breast Enlargement: Overview

Live the beautiful life with larger, firmer and sexier breasts from Dr. Michael W. Gray. As an expert in all methods of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Gray has performed over 10,000 breast augmentations to date, making him one of the most experienced surgeons in the country. With his help, you can get the breasts you’ve always wanted with results that will have you turning heads and dropping jaws everywhere you go.

Scarless and Traditional Breast Enlargement: Procedure

During a breast enlargement, Dr. Gray uses silicone or saline implants to enhance your breast’s natural beauty. You can choose Scarless Breast Enlargement, a procedure that  Dr. Gray helped pioneer, where the implants are inserted through the belly button so there is no scarring, much less discomfort, and a quicker recovery. Also available, is the Traditional Breast Enlargement, where the implants are inserted via a small incision in the nipple, under the breast or in the armpit. Dr. Gray can place the implants under or over the muscle regardless of the method you choose.

Breast Enlargement: Recovery

After a breast enlargement, most patients experience temporary soreness, bruising and swelling, and can return to work within a few days. With Scarless Breast Enlargement recovery is much quicker and you can return to normal activities almost immediately with minimal restrictions.


*Gummy Bear Silicone Implants are the New FDA-Approved Cohesive Gel Implants.