Dr Gray Difference

Are you a fan of the reality TV show “Botched” on E! Online? If you liked the reality TV show “Swan” or “Nip/Tuck,” you might enjoy “Botched” also. “Botched” makes plastic surgery seem like a spectator sport. The cosmetic surgery drama featuring two surgeons. Botched is a show about fixing surgeries that have gone wrong. The show features patients with warped noses, “uniboobs,” bad butt implants, and body dysmorphic disorder.


Dr. Michael W. Gray is well versed at correcting many deformities and errors created by other surgeons and those created inadvertently by the patient.  Some of these problems are listed below to help you identify may be what it is that you are seeing.

Corrective Breast Surgery

  • “Bottoming Out”
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Large Pockets
  • Communicating Pockets – Lifting of the sternal skin
  • Deflations and Ruptures
  • Rippling, Wrinkling
  • Displacement/Malposition
  • Unsatisfactory Appearance


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