If you’ve ever seen an episode of the highly popular reality TV show “Botched” on E! Online, you know that it’s possible for talented plastic surgeons to repair the poor outcomes and mistakes of other surgeons. On the television show, doctors fix surgeries that have gone wrong.

As seen on the “Botched” reality TV show, Dr. Michael W. Gray, of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan, has been a leader in corrective cosmetic surgery for many years. Dr. Gray knows a lot about correcting many of the deformities and errors created by other surgeons, as well as fixing less desirable outcomes as a result of poor healing. One of the most common procedures Dr. Gray performs is correcting the problem of “Bottoming Out,” which is also known as breast implant displacement or a “mound on a mound ” deformity. This is a process where breast implants can slide down the abdomen and “bottom out” over time. The bottoming out deformity can occur as a result of a surgeon creating a space outside of the borders of a breast. When this happens, the loss of tissue support at the bottom half of the breast can allow the breast implant to move downward on the chest, gradually lowering the natural bottom (crease fold) of the breast. Dr. Gray repairs the “Bottoming Out” problem so that the patient won’t even remember there was ever a problem.

The before photo below demonstrates a patient who was operated on by a surgeon who placed the breast implant on the left outside the border of the breast. This is seen by the mound on a mound deformity (double bubble deformity) on the left side. Dr. Michael Gray is one of a few surgeons trained in repairs of “botched” surgeries. As you can see in the postop photo to the right, Dr. Gray reconstructed the supportive elements of the left breast.


The other breast reconstructive procedures that Dr. Gray performs include Capsular contracture, Uni-Boob, Deflations, Ruptures, Rippling, Wrinkling, Displacement/Malposition and Unsatisfactory Appearance. Learn more on the ANewYou.com website on the page explaining Breast Correction. Dr. Gray can also repair Dog Ears, as well as high tummy tuck scars and protuberant abdomens, due to surgeons performing inadequate tummy or mini tucks.

“Botched” will continue to gain in popularity because Americans are interested in seeing the success of plastic surgery and also seeing when surgeons like Dr. Gray have to repair bad cosmetic surgery jobs by other surgeons.

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