Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulaze/Cellulize: Overview

If you hate the appearance of cellulite, you’re going to love Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulaze/Cellulize. Smart Lipo MPX is the most advanced Smart Lipo technology available, and Dr. Michael W. Gray is one of the only cosmetic surgeons in the country to offer it! This new machine was only recently approved by the FDA and provides more versatility in correcting the contours of the body, making it superior to the original Smart Lipo that most other physicians are still using. Smart Lipo MPX is also more effective at eliminating fat. MPX monitors tissue temperature, therefore skin can be tightened more effectively to give you that youthful look.

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Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulite: Procedure

Smart Lipo MPX uses a laser to decrease fat, smooth cellulite and tighten skin. It works especially well on areas of fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise and is often combined with External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction to achieve optimal results.

During Smart Lipo MPX, Dr. Gray uses a very small tube (2-3mm in diameter) that contains a fiber optic laser filament and inserts it under the skin through a small puncture hole. Amplified light energy is emitted from a laser at the tip while the filament is moved gently under the skin to vaporize fat cells, heat the skin, and generate a shrink-wrap effect. The laser evens out uneven fat globules (cellulite), divides uneven septa (another cause of Cellulite) and the heat generated causes a skin tightening effect. Because the filament is so small, Smart Lipo MPX can be performed under local anesthesia and is minimally invasive. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact so there is less bleeding, swelling, and bruising. It also allows for a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. This procedure does not require general anesthesia and can be performed under local anesthesia.

Dr. Gray incorporates Smart Lipo MPX as part of The Perfect Lipo, the latest cosmetic procedure he brought to Michigan. The Perfect Lipo is tailored to your individual needs and can be performed anywhere on the body without anesthesia.


Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulite: Recovery

Recovery from Smart Lipo MPX often involves no discomfort. When discomfort is felt it is described to feel like a sun burned sensation. Therefore, there are no restrictions on activity.