Everyone has a limited number of fat cells. When fat gets stored, these cells get larger and can make areas of your body look flabby and distorted. Dr. Michael W. Gray can reduce these areas with Liporeduction and restore a more pleasing shape to your body with the most technologically advanced procedures available: External Ultrasonic Liposuction, Smart Lipo MPX and The Perfect Lipo.

Diet and exercise does not allow the spot reduction of areas of the body. When dieting and exercising, the first area of fat to be reduced in women is in the face and breasts.  In men, the first area to be reduced is in the face as well. This often leaves the face looking old, drawn and gaunt and the breasts looking deflated. Liporeduction allows for only the spots that are bothersome to be reduced with no effect on other areas of the body. Remember when you diet or exercise fat cells are not eliminated, they are smaller but ever present to enlarge once you eat again.

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External Ultrasonic Liposuction

Have you been dreaming of the perfect body but find it difficult to lose fat in certain areas even when you’re watching what you eat and working out? Dr. Michael W. Gray can help make your dreams a reality with External Ultrasonic Liposuction.
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The Perfect Lipo

You’ve always wanted the perfect body. Now, with The Perfect Lipo, you can get closer to perfection than you ever thought possible. This multifaceted approach to the body was created by Dr. Michael W. Gray and allows the ultimate procedure to be performed. It smoothes, tightens and reduces fat through a combination of techniques that are tailored to your specific needs. Simply put, the Perfect Lipo is the perfect procedure to remove excess fat, tighten skin and treat cellulite.
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Smart Lipo MPX

If you hate the appearance of cellulite, you’re going to love Smart Lipo MPX. Smart Lipo MPX is the most advanced Smart Lipo technology available, and Dr. Michael W. Gray is one of the only cosmetic surgeons in the country to offer it!
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