The one thing that we can all count on is aging! With the passage of time, as you age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stress of every day life can be seen in your face and neck. You will not find it easier to look at these changes in the mirror because the images in the mirror and in your mind are not the same.
Unlike other surgeries, cosmetic surgery involves the restoration of youth through the manipulation of the face and body both surgically and non-surgically. Many procedures exist to restore the youthful appearance and as such, this plethora of choice leads to confusion and misinformation. One aspect of cosmetic surgery that produces mass confusion is deciding what to do for the face, neck and chest.
A good way to decide what to do is to first identify the problem areas and choose a procedure that will correct the problem. Wrinkles, Age-spots, Loose (extra) skin, Fat, Laxed Muscles, Small chin, Unwanted hair, Blood vessels, Loss of Volume, Forehead lines are common problems associated with aging.
Neck Lift:   Tightens skin, reduces fat, defines muscle and will give you the best results
Dr. Gray’s Neck Sling: Reduces Fat, defines Muscle to a lesser degree than a neck lift
External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (EUAL): Reduces Fat
Smart MPX Lipo: When combined with EUAL reduces additional fat, smoothes cellulite and Tightens skin.
Fraxel: Smoothes Wrinkles, treats sun damage, discoloration, improves texture and tightens skin.
Thermage: Tightens the middle layer of skin with no recovery.
Chin Implant: Produces a stronger, more defined chin and jaw line
Coolglide: Eliminates unwanted hair for all skin types in less time and NO pain
A basic understanding of what is available for your individual situation is the best option to help you make an educated step toward a more youthful you.