Have you heard of Brooke Birmingham? Brooke is a 28-year-old blogger from Quad Cities, Illinois who has been in the news a lot lately. She lost more than 170 pounds over the past four-and-half years, which is awesome and we’re so proud of her! She wrote about her weight loss experience on her blog which is called Brooke: Not On a Diet


Apparently Shape Magazine read her blog and decided to feature her weight loss triumph in their Success Stories series. However, the photo that Brooke submitted wasn’t allowed to be used. You see, Brooke submitted a photo of herself in a bikini to Shape Magazine (below), but it was rejected because of her excess skin from losing all that weight.

Brooke Not on a diet

Brooke was told to submit a different photo that showed herself covered up in a t-shirt because it was “policy.” However, there are plenty of people not covered up in their “after” photo in that section of the magazine. Ultimately, Brooke decided not to share her photos or story with Shape Magazine and instead took her story to the big news networks, which is where we heard about.

Even though we believe that Brooke should have been allowed to show her tremendous weight loss victory wearing whatever she wanted, we also want to help people who lose a lot of weight look their best after their weight loss success. After all, you deserve it!


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