Raise Your Hands in the Air

Raise Your Hands in the Air

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Raise your Hands in the Airraised hands

Radiesse is Approved for filling hands!

Like that famous song goes, raising your hands and showing them will not be so embarrassing anymore. With the recent approval of Radiesse for filling the back if the hand we have added another filler to our armament against aging.

As we age the earlobes thin, the fullness in the lips diminishes, cheeks look sunken and the volume in the hands disappears. The fat in these areas lessen and in the hands this results in tendons and veins becoming more visible.

RADIESSE dermal filler is made of unique, patented, calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. These microspheres initially perform as a filler, providing volume to give you a soft, natural look. Over time, the body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, but the very tiny, smooth microspheres will remain to keep the skin looking it’s best. The effects of Radiesse last 9 – 12 months.

RADIESSE is one of a few long lasting fillers that exist. Using fillers that are permanent make more sense to fix a permanent problem. Although radiesse is temporary, it serves as a stepping stone toward using permanent fillers like Fat and Alloderm.

Radiesse was recently approved for use in the hand to restore the hands to a more youthful appearance. Fat transfer ( a permanent filler ) to the back of the hands remains the gold standard on restoring volume to areas where permanent correction is desired. Fat has been used for years in the hands as well as the cheeks or buttocks when permanency is desired.
Radiesse is not intended for injection into the lips but can be used in nasal folds, marionettes, cheeks and earlobes and now the back of the hand. Radiesse is not used for the treatment of superficial fine lines and wrinkles. (Restylane, Juvederm, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels work better for wrinkles).
With RADIESSE you can expect no downtime and no restrictions. This is the same as you might expect with any type of injection.

Customizing Cosmetic Surgery – The new standard

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“Cosmetic Surgery is like Louboutin making their 8 inch stiletto heel for Ballerina’s should be customized and tailored to the individual needs of the patients” says, Dr. Michael W. Gray a world renowned cosmetic surgeon (West Bloomfield, Michigan).black ballet "Lynch"Dr. Gray suggests when picking a cosmetic surgeon it is important to make sure the surgeon you pick is giving you all your options and not just what the surgeon knows how to do. When entering the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa it is apparent that this facility is the mecca of Cosmetic procedures offering a plethora of both Non-surgical and Surgical options to satisfy your needs. The facility is a 10,000 square foot building incorporating a state of the art surgical center built to the specifications of the AAAAHC.

Going to http://www.anewyou.com/ and researching all the procedures offered convinces anyone that you will need to look no farther. The before and after pictures in the gallery of photos demonstrates some of the remarkable work Dr, Gray has been offering.

To learn more about what procedures are right for you, just call 248-538-3333. Be happy knowing that “A New You”  is just a moment away.


Discover A NEW YOU

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Discovering A New You can be as simple as ordering new clothes from Lululemon, Gucci, Chanel or even Diesel. For the extreme, this may mean to some people like Bruce Jenner, transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. Reading his interview in Vanity Fair may lead you to wonder why at such a stage in life would you start a transformation. The truth is, whether you’re young or old, happiness cannot be judged by others and your happiness is vital when you have such limited time to live.

Life is short and not getting any longer; so why not be happy?

bruce-jenner goodUnfortunately, when it comes to the world of cosmetic surgery, most individuals do not know what needs to be done to make themselves happy. Going to a reputable physician like Dr. Michael W. Gray (West Bloomfield, Michigan) is an important first step in making the right decision. Going to a physician that is reputable, reliable, and most importantly capable is the key to your happiness in the world of cosmetic-aesthetic surgery. Whether it is Liposuction to contour commonly difficult areas of resistant (stubborn fat) like waist, hips, arms, ankles, calves, cankles, etc., or for the newest procedure on the market– The Hour Glass Tuck developed by Dr. Gray, rest assured he will give you all the options you wish whether surgical or non-surgical to enable you to make an appropriate decision.

If you’re still curious about what else he can do, and not sure of the exact procedure, you can go to ANEWYOU.com and click on the BODY SELECTION TOOL http://www.anewyou.com/body-selection-tool/.When using this tool, you just have to know the area of the body you wish to improve and selecting that part of the body will provide you with a list of procedures you can review.

Rest assured, with Dr. Gray’s state of the are surgical facility, you will have a safe and comfortable experience like so many tens of thousands of patients before you.

Pore Reduction

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therascar lady with bottleLarge pores can detract from your overall complexion and negatively affect your self-image. So it’s no surprise that more and more people are seeking out treatments beyond what’s available at the drugstore to keep their pores from looking larger than they really are. One of the best ways to keep pore size to a minimum is with a visit to Dr.Michael W. Gray and Skin Deep Spa (West Bloomfield, Michigan). According to Dr. Gray, a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, ” Simple Beauty is just skin deep!”. Your skin and your complexion is one of the first impressions people have of you and beautiful skin is only a phone call away.
While it’s not possible to completely eliminate large pores, there are a number of ways to make them less noticeable. At Dr. Michael W. Gray at his Skin Deep Spa can effectively treat large pores, scars, pigment and other imperfections plaguing your skin.
Using Dr. Gray’s Proprietary procedures and techniques, a number of steps are used to obtain his results:

Step One: Clearing the pore of all debris
Pore Cleansing facials, DiamondTome, Hydra Facial, Crystal Free Microdermabrasion…
Step Two: Adding heat
CO2 Laser, Pearl®, CO2 Repair, Fraxel®, and Laser Genesis, Medical Grade Chemical Peels…
Step Three: Home maintenance
Medical Grade Skin Care Products Beautyboostskincare.com, Clarisonic

The method of treating large pores is to extract the debris (comedone) that collects in the oil channel in the skin (pore). After these pores have been cleansed with pore cleaning facials and microdermabrasion, lasers can be used to tighten skin and shrink the diameter of the pore. Home maintenance is an intricate part of maintaining results. Dr. Gray and Skin Deep offer a number of different options for patients seeking healthy looking skin. To find out which option is best for you, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Gray today. Call 248-538-3333 or visit ANEWYOU.com



Martin Short’s tribute to David Letterman

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david blog 2

Martin Short’s tribute to David Letterman during his final show was a satirical comment on the reality of aging and the body’s need of restoration. The age of “Oldem” is fast approaching us all and the body needs maintenance as does any aging structure.

According to Dr. Michael W. Gray a leader in Cosmetic Surgery (West Bloomfield, Michigan ) people  need to realize that there is a difference between restoration, rejuvenation and distortion. He states “what most people see in the media as unusual cosmetic procedures are not the norm but rather the terrible.”  He states, “When Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is done properly people will look normal and restored to a more youthful state.  Not distorted!”

Whether it’s resurfacing your skin with Lasers or chemical peels or painting your home, your skin will age and wrinkle and slowly deteriorate over time.

Your body will need maintenance and cosmetic surgery has never been easier.  With all the technology that is available, Dr. Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center has many surgical and non-surgical methods of restoring youth.

Go to anewyou.com and use the body selection tool if your not sure what procedure may be right for you. Remember A NEW YOU is only a click away!



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Double Double toil and Trouble! FDA Approves Kybella

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 The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new injection designed to melt away double-chin fat.

Don’t get your hopes up. Although Kybella was approved, the path to obtaining results is dangerous and more painful that doing liposuction alone.

Kybella, is aimed at adults with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin known as:  Submental fat or the “Double chin”.   Kybella is administered as an injection into the fatty tissue below the chin. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a chemical that is naturally produced by the body and helps the body absorb fat. Deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells by breaking down the cell membrane. The danger of Kybella is if the chemical comes in contact with skin of the neck it can cause serious damage to the skin and form ulcerations and skin death which would leave the neck scarred for life.  When evaluating the risk versus the benefits of Kybella and comparing to the risks and benefits of doing liposuction to the neck, the value of Kybella in the world of Cosmetic Surgery disappears.  Because of the dangers of the chemical Kybella coming in contact with the skin of the neck minute quantities of Kybella must be used and spread deep into the fat to assure the chemical does not reach the skin.  Thus, patients may have to receive up to 50 painful injections per treatment, with up to six treatments needed no less than one month apart.  Post injection there will be bruising and swelling and pain producing a recovery time where patients may need to hide out during this recovery phase.  It is not recommended to do more than 6 injections spaced one month apart. If results are not adequate after six injections no further injections are allowed and patients must seek out other options (liposuction).

In evaluating the benefits of Kybella and comparing it to External Ultrasonic Liposuction with or without Smart-Lipo MPX “laser lipo” there is no value to Kybella.  Although approved by the FDA, the practicality of Kybella is more for marketing rather than efficacy or usefulness.  The Kybella injection causes inflammation, bruising and pain and will need to be endured six times!  In practicality, Kybella makes no sense.   Why would anyone undergo this type of treatment when External Ultrasonic Liposuction is a one time treatment with less bruising and requires minimal if any down time.

Although a drug (Kybella) exists now for double chins, the risks and painful recovery of this procedure far outweigh any Benefits.





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“The key to successful healing is to influence how the scar will heal from the beginning!”

therascar lady with bottleHow to Improve Scars with TheraSCAR
Nothing ruins your body like scars. Does it bother you that SCARS are the first thing people notice? Your options for improving your scars are much better then you think thanks to Dr. Micheal W. Gray a World Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon.

                                                    There is a new product for treating scars!

TheraSCAR is a remarkable new product that has changed the way people deal with their scars. Dr. Grays TheraSCAR is one of the most popular anti-scar products available. This product uses ingredients that have been compounded together to rejuvenate and aid the body in healing skin. TheraSCAR works best when applied to the skin at the onset of the injury and is considered to be a basic component to any first aid to the skin. TheraSCAR helps reduce the appearance of scars, as a result, can give you back your confidence in how good your skin looks.

TheraSCAR helps all types of Scars and all types of skin. Any injury to the Skin can be improved by simply applying TheraSCAR.

  therascr photo back scartherscar photo csectiontherascar chest photo


Where Did Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR Come From?

Patients often only remember surgery or trauma by the Scar that is left behind. A Scar when formed is a permanent mark on the skin and a constant reminder of the physical or emotional trauma.
Dr. Gray realized early on that the key to successful healing is to influence how the scar will heal from the beginning.

In trying to obtain a product that his patients can use, Dr. Gray noticed a common feature amongst the scar products on the market…”THEY DID NOT WORK!”

Frustrated over the lack of a single product on the market for his patients that actually helped scars,
Dr. Gray conducted research to develop a product that would contain the essential ingredients needed for skin rejuvenation. The goal was to assist to body to do what it was actually designed to do…HEAL!

After many years of evaluating the efficacy and aesthetics of the product, Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR was developed.

TheraSCAR when used as directed produces effective and consistent healing amongst a variety of skin types.

TheraSCAR is a Non-surgical treatment of skin injuries created to aid the body in the development of the most optimal environment for skin healing. Dr. Gray believes that it was better to have a product that could help skin heal in the beginning rather than trying to undo the scar after it was healed. Thus he developed a product that could be applied safely to the skin at the beginning of an injury while mitigating the forces that would cause poor skin healing.

Like all topical treatments, TheraSCAR may not work for everyone. Everyone is a little different. But for the majority it does help.

3 bottles


What else you should know about TheraSCAR

Dr. Grays TheraSCAR is a dye free, fragrance free skin healing and scar reducing product that works by:

Increasing Wound Hydration – Hydration assist the body in healing optimally.

Stimulates Healthy Cellular In-Growth
Re-epithelialization aids the repair of damaged skin.

Decreases Inflammation

Preserves The Cutaneous Lipidic Balance– Sealing a wound maintains hydration and creates a barrier to infection.

Increases Tissue Oxygenation– Oxygen Plays a key role in healthy tissue

Anti-inflammatory Effect– Minimizes further tissue damage by counteracting the negative factors that may work against healing by possibly decreasing fibrin (scar) and increasing cellular In-growth (skin).

Enhances The Removal Of Damaged Tissue– Allows Healthy tissue in-growth

Anti- Bacterial And Anti-fungal Properties– Helps protect the skin from Micro-Organisms

Enhanced Vascularization– Increases the delivery of nutrients and hydration of skin promoting healing



Damaged Skin: Aids the Treatment of acute and chronic injuries to the skin caused from cuts, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Dry Skin: helps provide all day hydration

Pigmentation, Raised Scars, Redness, and Swelling are improved with continued use of TheraSCAR
“If you knew…would you?” If you could improve how you heal, would you?

Reduce the appearance of Unsightly Scars with Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR Scar Therapy “It’s Like Having a Cosmetic surgeon in and bottle”

248.538.3394 | www.TheraSCAR.com

What are Medical Grade Skin Care Products?

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skin deep group shot

Taking care of your skin is the same as taking care of your body when it’s sick. To obtain medicine for your body to fix your body, you must go to a physician! The skin is the largest organ of the body. As part of your body it will respond to medicine which can only be dispensed by a physician.

The FDA has mandated that ONLY physicians can dispense specific concentrations of Chemicals (medicine) that can actually work on the skin and body. Pharmacies are licensed entities responsible for dispensing the quantity and dosages that physicians prescribe.

Medical grade skin care products can only be obtained through physicians. As such, you cannot obtain antibiotics nor skin care products that contain adequate amounts of medicine for your body ( skin ) from Lancome, Clinique, Dior, Revlon or Max Factor to name a few.

Therefore, to obtain anything for your skin that actually will treat your skin for wrinkles, pigment, fine lines, texture or for anti-aging you will have to obtain these products directly from a physician. Through the Internet you can obtain medical grade physician (prescription) strength Skin Care products directly from Dr. Michael W. Gray.

1 bottle close

Dr. Gray’s Beauty Boost and Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR are two new skin care products that helps regenerate youth, restore skin to it natural beauty and help repair the damage to skin that the risks of living life poses.  TheraSCAR was designed to fix the acute and acute/chronic injuries to the skin.


Welcome to ANEWYOU.com and discover the fountain of youth, Dr. Gray’s direct on-line source for skin care. World renowned cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging specialist Dr. Michael W. Gray has specially formulated and developed a skin care line of products using the most advanced medical and restorative ingredients from around the world. Put your best face forward everyday by using products that actually work! Because simple beauty is only Skin Deep.

The Hidden Procedures that Enhance Beauty

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purse Just like buying Lubiton shoes or carrying a Chanel or Gucci hand bag there are enhancing procedures that when performed take your beauty to a heightened level.

There are many procedures that exist to correct many issues people have with their body but often patients are unaware that these procedures exist. It is often these secondary procedures that enhance your appearance over just doing the primary procedure.

Correcting issues with the nipple and areola are easy and quick procedures. Whether the nipple is inverted, to large or too short or if the areola is too large, too small, or herniated (puffy) Dr. Michael W. Gray a world renowned cosmetic surgeon located in West Bloomfield, Michigan states that more than ever patients are seeking these ancillary procedures to compliment their breast augmentation.

Although procedures like these are not as common as liposuction or breast augmentation there place in cosmetic surgery are well founded and provide patients with gratifying results. Other procedures such as ear pinning (otoplasty), lip reduction or Lip enlargement, or fat transfer to the cheeks or buttocks ( Brazilian Butt Lift ) are equaly beneficial in enhancing the looks of the body. For every primary procedure there are other secondary procedures that enhance the main procedure.

To learn more about how you can enhance your looks and benefit from cosmetic surgery call Dr. Gray at 248-538-3333 or visit www.anewyou.com

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My Face is Falling OFF My Face!!!

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My face is falling off

You’ve turned another year older, and while your good health may not suggest you’re aging, your appearance might be changing. Is your youthful face becoming filled with new creases, lines, wrinkles, droops and other features that make you look older and more tired than you actually feel? Welcome to the world of “OLDEM”. Aging won’t get any easier but you don’t have to walk around with your face hanging off your face! When cosmetic surgery is done well, you will look rejuvenated not distorted.
Although you have seen in the news celebrities like Michael Jackson, Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers, Melanie Griffith, Donatella Versace and many more, Dr. Gray a world renowned cosmetic surgeon (West Bloomfield, Michigan) states that when done correctly these results are not the norm. Dr. Gray emphasizes that the windblown look and pulled and distorted appearances are not the way cosmetic procedures are to be performed. He goes on to emphasize that enhancement is not the same as distortion. Reviewing the before and after photos on anewyou.com (http://www.anewyou.com/head-neck/face-lift/#surgical) it is easy to see what a true enhancement really means.
“There’s no right or wrong age to get a facelift,” says Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa (West Bloomfield, Michigan) “In a consult I review all the options my patients have in order for them to make a decision on how aggressive they wish to be in treating the problems they are experiencing with their face or their body.” Dr. Gray goes on to say, “Some patients seek out a facelift, necklift or even a tummy tuck not for the purpose of removing skin but rather to change the shape of their neck and jawline, and in the case of an Hour Glass Tummy Tuck ( http://hourglasstuck.com/ ) to flatten the abdominal wall and slim the waistline.” With Dr. Gray’s exclusive procedures and techniques (Hour Glass Tuck, Neck Sling (http://www.anewyou.com/head-neck/neck-sling/) and even with the methods he has developed to reshape the face during a facelift or Necklift) he has been able to find the fountain of youth for his patients and help them turn back the clock to regain their self-confidence.
Wanting to appear more youthful is not an uncommon desire, and for both men and women interested in erasing facial aging, there are solutions to achieve that goal. Today, there are both surgical and nonsurgical methods to help you achieve a younger looking appearance. For more information on how Dr. Gray can help you achieve your goals, call 248-538-3333 or visit ANEWYOU.com