Rosacea Treatment: Overview

If you have Rosacea, you know firsthand how the symptoms can affect your quality of life. Rosacea treatment can reduce redness, giving your skin a more even complexion. It can also help prevent the flushing, burning, itching, dryness, swelling, and sensitivity many people experience. Dr. Gray and Skin Deep Spa offer the most advanced laser rosacea treatments available so you can stop worrying about how you look and start enjoying life.

Rosacea Treatment: Procedure

Dr. Gray and Skin Deep Spa can treat rosacea effectively with LimeLight, a non-invasive light treatment that treats the redness and other symptoms. This procedure closes abnormal capillaries that are responsible for the red hue to the skin. Laser Genesis improves redness.

Rosacea Treatment: Recovery

After rosacea treatment, there is no recovery and you can return to normal activities immediately. However, more than one treatment may be necessary to achieve the results you want.