A size discrepancy between your breasts can be frustrating for many women. This is called breast asymmetry. Truthfully every woman’s breasts have a certain degree of asymmetry, but for some women the size difference between the breasts may be more severe.  In cases in which the size difference between the left and right breast is larger than what is acceptable, it can be quite a challenge to find a bra that fits well. In fact, it might be impossible to find a good fitting bra, bikini or bathing suit. These pieces of clothing will either be too big or too small on one side.  It’s not only finding the right sized bra that can be difficult for women with breast asymmetry. It can also be a cause for anxiety on a daily basis. For some women this problem can make someone so self conscious. Women who have been living with breast asymmetry for years are ready for a solution.

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Surgical correction for breast asymmetry allows for an easy correction to the asymmetry and a solution for the patient’s psychological distress. Dr. Gray is skilled at correcting breast asymmetry. This can be achieved by a single procedure or a combination of procedures at one time or over a period of time.

  1. Breast Enlargement on one side or both sides using different size implants, different fills, and different styles (high, moderate plus or moderate profiles) help correct volume differences between the breasts as well as projection differences that are due either to the breast itself or due to chest wall asymmetries or a combination of factors.  Breast size asymmetries due to volume are the most common form of asymmetries of the breast.

  3. Breast Lift is used to reposition the breast when one breast is lower than the other and reduces the amount of skin surrounding the breasts.  Reducing skin either surgically or non-surgically corrects the differences between breasts that are due to breast position and  / or skin.

  5.  Breast Reduction reduces the volume and skin on one or both breasts to make another option for women when the amount of skin and volume plays a role in the asymmetry.  Non-surgical tightening of the skin using heat may also be an option for patients when they are seeking a non-surgical solution to skin issues. Liposuction to the breast is another method to reduce volume without scars.

Dr. Gray is also well versed in correcting many deformities and errors created by other surgeons and those created inadvertently by the patient. Some of these problems including Corrective Breast Surgery, “Bottoming Out,” Capsular Contracture, Large Pockets, Communicating Pockets – Lifting of the sternal skin, Deflations and Ruptures, Displacement/Malposition and Unsatisfactory Appearance. Call Dr. Gray today at 248.538.3333 for a risk free consultation at his office or fill out the form on the website.